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Everyday is a new learning experience

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching There are continuously lessons to be learned in each and every day, but numerous of us near our eyes to them since they are covered up in challenges and obstacles. From being stuck in activity to managing with troublesome individuals, you’d be amaze where you’ll discover a lesson in your day. Everyday is a learning prepare cites that will remind you to keep your eyes open to things around. Here in TimeRiver Design Inc., you will gain new learnings everyday by doing multiple types of projects from time to time so you can expand and widen your skills.  

Not even the Pandemic will shut us down

Tough times never last, tough people do The first identified Filipino that got infected with the Covid-19 virus was recorded in January 2020 in Manila, Philippines. By March 2020, the virus has spread to reportedly 81 provinces in the country- including the province of Cebu. Thus the beginning of the implementation of the country wide Enhanced Community Quarantine. Since then, life hasn’t been the same. Face mask, face shields, social distancing, and staying home as much as possible became a necessity. Everyone was hit in different ways because of the Pandemic, including businesses that sadly have to shut down. Yet according to activist Desmund Tutu, hope is being able to […]